The Guaranteed Way to Learn HTML + CSS Basics in 30 Minutes!

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This HTML and CSS Beginner’s Course is a  course for everyone who

  • wants to build a responsive website;
  • is not sure if HTML and CSS are right for her/him;
  • wants to edit an existing website;
  • wants to learn the first steps with responsive HTML and CSS;
  • cannot or do not want to raise the costs for a very expensive complete course;
  • wants very good readable HTML and CSS code examples during the course
  • You will learn in this course…
  • how to save HTML files correctly;
  • the meaning of HTML and CSS;
  • the advantages of the Atom Editor for you;
  • how to call up or install Notepad (Windows) and TextEdit (Mac);
  • which HTML code you have to insert into the file header (metadata, doctype) and which advantages the Atom Editor has
  • how you can code and design texts, headings and images for your website; what HTML attributes are all about;
  • – the diverse design options with the style attribute;
  • how to code a background color or image for your website;
  • ID and Class Attributes; the meaning of the <div> tag with examples;
  • which browser is the best one; how to create a responsive website (responsive tables, responsive images, responsive texts) and more.
  • Bonus 1: Coming Soon Template for your first website.
  • Bonus 2: JavaScript Christmas Tree Script “Switch on and off the Christmas Tree”.


  • Duration: 00:30:44
  • Prior knowledge: none
  • Transcription: English ✅
  • Materials:
  • Workbook I:
  • Workbook II: 
  • Boni:
  • Certificate: ✅
  • 30-Days Refund Option:



In this course is a certificate of your basic HTML and CSS knowledges from this course included. There are no additional fees for the certificate. You need no previous knowledges for this course. As a bonus you receive also the “Coming Soon Website Template” for your first website. Subscribe now!