Become a Pro Graphic Designer in 40 Minutes!

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Do you love graphic design and your biggest wish is to become a graphic designer? With our course you can achieve this goal in 40 minutes. After the course you will receive a certificate from us that can improve your career opportunities.

The course covers all basic and advanced knowledge about graphic design.

The course contents:

  • the basic and advanced knowledge about graphic design
  • important rules and principles of graphic design
  • how to use the principles of graphic design
  • which print products exist
  • about the readability of texts
  • what is your target audience
  • how to determine the needs of your target audience
  • three rules for design
  • why it is important to create groups of elements and repetitions
  • knowledge about the page format and layout (for e.g. design grids, columns…)
  • the secrets of a good layout
  • possible mistakes a layouter can make
  • knowledge about shapes (effects of squares, circles, triangles, rectangles)
  • knowledge about colors and how to use colors in your designs
  • Why does color affect us?
  • colors and color theory
  • color systems (RGB, CMYK)
  • color harmony
  • you learn to know how to use colors in your designs and layouts
  • Bonus 1: 70 food icons (from my earlier digital product shop)
  • Bonus 2: 15 fonts for commercial and private use.I created these fonts by myself. You can try them out here:

There are no additional fees for the course certificate. The certificate is included in the pricing of this video course.

Duration: 00:40:02

Prior knowledge: None

Language: English



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Certificate: ✅

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