Become a Typography Pro in 45 Minutes!

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Certificate33% of quiz marks
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Do you love typography or you want to become a graphic designer? Then this course is right for you.


In this typography course you will learn:

  • the history of script through the millennia
  • how lead typesetting worked in earlier times
  • the readability of texts
  • the measuring and calculating of font sizes, spaces and widths
  • Font technologies (Postscript, TrueType fonts)
  • the anatomy of a character
  • about font styles
  • about Multiple Master fonts
  • Real and false capitals
  • and many definitions in the area of typography
  • Boni: More then 14 different fonts for commercial and privat use.I created these fonts by myself. Here you can ty out these fonts:

Duration: 00:45:53

Language: English

Prior knowledge: none

Transcription: ✅

Materials: ✅

Free Workbook I: ✅

Free Workbook II:


Certificate: ✅

30-Days Refund Option:

Try out this course and you can make interesting experiences in the area of typography, which you can use in your professional life. You will learn the content of this course in small steps. This course includes a certificate in typography. There are no additional fees for the certificate. There are also materials for this course, which you can download when you subscribe to this course. In the materials are different overviews over the historical alphabets and also you receive the MKapitalisRustica TTF and other fonts.