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About Martina Ledermann

As a highly accomplished and versatile artist and nutritionist, Martina Ledermann leaves a significant impact in her field. Born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany in 1968, she sharpens her skills and expertise over the years.

As a graphic designer, her natural talent for creating beautiful imagery appeals to audiences of all ages. Her work is known for its bold colors, dynamic composition, and attention to detail. Moreover, her expertise as a certified nutrition advisor makes her passionate about educating people about healthy eating. Furthermore, her love for nature and her husband’s deep respect for the environment makes her an avid nature lover. As a lecturer, Martina is highly respected for her knowledge and expertise.

Her engaging teaching style and ability to make complex concepts easy to understand makes her a popular choice among students. In conclusion, Martina Ledermann is a highly accomplished and multi-talented individual, who’s artistic talent, nutritional expertise, and passion for nature make her a well-rounded and respected professional in her field, and her dedication to teaching and educating others will continue to inspire people for years to come.



Pavel Kerbic

Pavel Kerbic, an electrician with extensive knowledge and experience, is an invaluable asset at Creative & Healthy Premium Video Courses. Born in Czech Republic in 1975, he moved to Germany in 2001 where he currently lives and works as technical support.

Kerbic’s responsibilities include ensuring proper working order of the company’s video production equipment, resolving technical issues quickly and efficiently, and maintaining and repairing equipment. Furthermore, he stays active in the electrical industry by seeking continuing education and professional development opportunities.

He is known for his strong work ethic, dedication, positive attitude, and being a team player. Kerbic minimizes downtime and ensures smooth video production. He is a reliable and dependable employee who takes pride in his work and providing the best service possible to clients.

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