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30 Days Refund Option

30 days refund option


We offer you a 30 day refund option for our courses to ensure your satisfaction. The refund will be granted under certain conditions. It will be made in the form of a coupon code for another course of your choice. To use the refund option, you must fill out a form and send it to us via email within 30 days of purchase. We will review the request within 48 hours. We will issue a coupon code if eligible. The refund option is subject to conditions such as viewing no more than 30% of the course content. Also you are not having requested a refund within the past three months. This refund option is a gesture of goodwill and is in accordance with German legislation. If you have any questions, please email us at contact (at) creativehealthy (dot) de


To use the refund option, fill out the form provided at the end of this web page and send it to contact (at) creativehealthy (dot) de.

We will review the request within 48 hours and issue a coupon code if approved. The refund option is available under the following conditions:

  • the course participant has viewed no more than 30 percent of the course content,
  • the student has not requested a refund within the last three months
  • the student has requested the refund within 30 days of purchase using the provided form.
  • Please note that the right to withdraw or cancellation expires once the course has been started.

The 30-day refund option is a courtesy offered by Creative & Healthy Premium Video Courses. For any further questions, email us at contact (at) creativehealthy (dot) de.


Here you can download your 30-day refund option form: 30_Days_Refund_Option_Form

E-Mail this form to contact (at) creativehealthy (dot) de. if you will ask for a 30-day refund.


What is a Refund?

Customers can return a product or service and receive their money back with the refund option. Retailers, service providers, and other businesses offer this feature to ensure customer satisfaction and build trust. The process of requesting a refund can vary, customers may need to fill out a form, submit a request online, contact customer service or visit a physical store. Businesses have specific requirements that must be met, such as providing proof of purchase or meeting a time limit, in order to qualify for a refund.

Different types of refunds are available, such as full or partial refund, or exchange or store credit. It’s important for customers to review a business’s refund policy before making a purchase to understand the process and qualifications for a refund. The refund option provides customers with a safety net and encourages them to shop confidently, and helps businesses build trust and reputation with their customers.

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